Vulcan is divided into Modules, which encapsulate the macro-level features and use-cases.

Knowledge Module

This module's primary motive is to enable rich and deep visual research into whichever topic that you want to dive into. It leverages visual knowledge management techniques such as "mind-mapping" or more specifically, "concept graphing" to provide a tactile and fluid workspace in which to work with information.

The Knowledge Module is designed to be a collaborative real-time workspace that enables individuals and teams large and small to combine their inputs and enrich with the cutting edge technologies available.

These techniques have been put to use by Law Enforcement specialists, miltary leaders, underground hacker groups to achieve their goals - we want you to be able to do the same (with less of the controversy, ideally).

Vulcan can become the source-of-truth and combined oracle of the sum of your company or individual digital knowledge.

Conversation Module

The Conversation Module is designed to enable you bring information to life through smart, AI and machine learning enabled Natural Language flows.

Whether it's a simple customer service bot that handles frequently asked questions, to an intelligent, automated personal assistant or a virtual team member. You can use the Vulcan module to build the conversational intelligence that will impact your audience.

Automation Module (coming soon)

The Automation Module is designed to enable connectivity between information and services, to create automated workflows and improve your personal productivity and business efficiency.

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