Introduction to Components

Vulcan Components are highly specific dynamic elements that can be accessed by Vulcan customers in their Charts through the Property Editor interface.

Components can be used in-line, using the "slash command" shortcut within our Text Editor.

They can also be added to tabbed pages within the Property Editor.

We provide a range of standard components, covering many different use-cases. We also designed Components to be freely customisable, with the ability to create your own fully custom Components.

Components are built with the popular and elegantly designed Vue.js javascript framework. We found Vue to be a perfect fit for this feature, due to it's relatively easy learning curve. We know that we can get even the rookiest web developer building custom components in Vulcan in just a few minutes.

That doesn't mean that Vulcan Components are trivial, mind you. We've also provided deep access to rich features, such as the Vuex Store for state mutations, can generate notifications, can call third party APIs and lots more besides.

The Component Editor

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